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Photo Background Editors You Can Use with Ease


No one can deny the skills that photographers possess using photo background editors. They have professional expertise in editing the pictures and make them more appealing and eye-catching.

But what if you want to edit a photo without having a diploma or professional education in photography? In case, if you want to change the background, what will you do? Well, to cope with this, you don’t need to be a professional photographer for editing the photos.

Online photo background editors help you out to do this within seconds. You can remove the background and change it with some other background with ease.

Here we’ll discuss some efficient photo background editors to let you edit your precious images without getting a photographer’s services. We’ll discuss their pros and cons to give you a better idea to decide which editor you should go for.

Simple Background Changer:

With positive reviews of approximately 40,000 people, this editor plays well with changed backgrounds.

It is one of the best and highly demanded photo background editors (apps) for android users. It is free for downloading, but to get the ad-free version, you need to pay $0.99.


You can easily remove the background of your photos in this app. Once you are done with the removal of the background, you can choose any luxurious background to set.

You can use your own photos or any background to get it set and give a new look to the image.

You can restore the original settings in case of any mistake that you can make while removing the background.

The green transparent layer that helps in overall editing by following your movement can bring back the original thing.

Furthermore, it’s easy for you to find this background editing app on Google Play Store and in iTunes App Store. It is one of the efficient photo background editors.


There are some disadvantages of this app too. The first and foremost pitfall is that it has users’ devices limitation.

It means, the devices that you can use this app on, are restricted. It is possible only for Android users to use this app and change the background of the photos. Moreover, it is not possible on this app to get your work saved automatically.

If you switch to another app, you won’t have this option. If you get distracted by the notifications, this app is not for you.

Another pitfall of this app is that the free version can cause double trouble. Yes, you can’t fully enjoy the free version without getting distracted.

Because you don’t only have to deal with ads in the free version but watermarked photos as well.

Due to watermarked images, it becomes problematic to get the real effect. A lot of users complain about this issue in the free version of this background editor.

Auto Background Changer:

It is clear by the name of this editor that it changes the background automatically. This editor is completely free and is available for Android users. It is one of the simplest and easy-to-use photo background editors out there.


While using this app, you will not face any issues regarding complex settings. This is really an easy-to-use editor that you can handle effortlessly.

The auto tool available in this editor makes it simple to remove such backgrounds that are complicated to handle.

It takes some time when you are using it. But the outcome will worth the effort. Furthermore, when you have such photos that possess a lot of details, you need to focus more.

This app has a tool that can blur sharp edges. It makes it possible to get smooth pictures with a real effect after changing their background.


You cannot get the premium version of this editor. It makes it troublesome for the users because of the inevitable ads that they have to bear while using the app.

Although this editor is simple and easy to use, there are not many options of backgrounds to choose from.

That’s why you may face restrictions to select a background that might not be a perfect choice for your photo.

Because you need to choose only from the available options. Another pitfall of this photo editor is that sometimes, you may face the force closes.

It happens that the app gets freeze. It results in frustration. Furthermore, when you put much time to edit your photo, you surely don’t feel good when settings are lost.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, there are a number of options available for editing in this app. It takes $3.99 to use this app for iOS users.

But for Android users, it is free to use. They can download it absolutely free but with ads. To purchase its premium version, they need to pay the same price as it is for iOS users.


This is among simple photo background editors where you get simple tools for the sake of editing. These tools are organized in a set pattern in a sidebar.

It doesn’t only useful for changing the background, but you can edit other aspects too. You can edit the tones of your photos. Similarly, you can add frames to your images.

There are different advanced tools available in this app that you can use with ease.

For example, you can use levels, curves as well as balance for making the perfect changes to your photos. Out of various amazing features of this app, Magic Brush is an effective one.

You can get a changed background in a way that will not affect the foreground of your picture.

It makes it possible for you to remove any background within a few minutes, or you can alter it quickly. By putting any exquisite background, you can give a pleasing new look to your photo.


There are a few cons of this app. One is that you cannot move the photos when you edit them. It is possible to zoom in or zoom out your images, but the movement is impossible. Furthermore, it is tough to focus on little details because the brushes are large.


You don’t need to be a professional photographer to edit your photos. A few efficient photo background editors can help you for getting an aesthetic layer in your old pictures.

Every editor has its own pros and cons. You need to focus on which editor you can use with more ease.

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