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Lucky Jade Plant: Care, Placement & Advantages


These plants are so popular because they are simple to care for and, of course, the luck they may bring to people’s lives. People in Asia think that Jade Plants generate financial forces. “Jade by the door, poor no more!” they say.

The water that was stored in the leaves was a storehouse of richness and abundance. The Jade Plant is said to bring prosperity and friendship to people who possess it and hence most purchased indoor plants online.

The Jade Plant is a symbol of good luck in Feng Shui since it emits healthy and useful “CHI” (positive energy).

A blossoming Jade, from a symbolic standpoint, indicates wonderful friendship, luck, and success. The Jade leaves, in particular, reflect the energy and delight of friendship, while the blossoms represent the fragrance of friendship.

The Jade plant is a low-maintenance houseplant that is ideal for busy plant parents and first-time owners. This plant needs a lot of sunshine and regular hydration to stay happy and healthy.

How to take care of Jade Plant?


 Summer and winter watering routines are different for this plant. During the winter, the plant may only require watering every two to three weeks.

Water the plant once a week during the summer. You should never overwater the jade plant, but if you do, make sure the plant has had time to absorb the extra water before watering it again.

  Touching the soil is an easy way to detect if the plant needs to be watered. You want the soil to be moist; water when it becomes dry.


 The amount of sun that jade plants receive is a crucial part of their care and maintenance. They require full sun to grow correctly.

For optimal growth, they should be placed in full sun at least once a week. Although Jade plants prefer full sun, they will grow well in mild shade and dappled light as well.


 Mealybugs are a problem for your Jade plant. Look for cotton patches along the joint between the stem and the leaves to see if these pests are present in your plant.

They may wreak havoc on your Jade plant by eating on its sap and finally causing an ailment known as sooty mold. To get rid of this insect, wipe your Jade plant multiple times using alcohol-soaked cotton swabs.


 Fertilize Your Jade Plant Fertilize your jade plant once every six months for optimal jade plant care. Use a water-soluble fertilizer that is well-balanced.

It is critical to remember to water your jade plant on a regular basis and then with fertilizer water. Fertilize your jade plant only when the soil is dry, as this will cause root damage.

 Placement of Jade plant

 Its position in space has various implications;

 – When placed in the east of a home, it brings family peace and health. – Locations in the South East bring wealth and luck.

– Jade Plants promote creativity and good fortune to children in Western settings.

– Northwest locations are for instructors and mentors’ good fortune.

–  If you follow Feng Shui, you should never put a Jade Plant in your bedroom or bathroom. It is claimed that the flushing water has the ability to remove the plant’s good energy.

Advantages of growing jade plant

1.      The jade plant online is good at removing VOCs such as acetone and toluene found indoors. Paints, wood preservatives, and moth repellents can all introduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the home.

2.      The jade plant absorbs CO2 at night while undergoing photosynthesis during the day thanks to the CAM mechanism (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism).

3.      It raises humidity levels by evapotranspiration during the night, which raises relative humidity.

4.      Because of its tolerant nature, this plant may be used to brighten up the interiors and landscapes all year long without requiring much upkeep. 

5.      According to Feng shui and Vaastu Shastra, the jade plant brings good fortune to its owner.

 The humble jade plant requires little attention but rewards its owner handsomely. For individuals who don’t have a green thumb, jade is a good option. It looks extremely stunning and gives a touch of nature and warmth to any space.

Place a Jade in your office entrance or cubicle for a much-needed “money cure”! Alternatively, place Jade in the east of your home for “family harmony”! May your new Jade Plant bring you much luck and success!

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