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How To Sell Your House Without A Real Estate Agent?


Ready to list the house but don’t want to offer a commission to the agents? Totally fine! When you are heading to sell your house on your own or without any professional help,

you need to keep in mind that every step does not bring success and you need to be patient to get the best offer. 

Not going with the choice of hiring an expert agent can bring chaos, but there is a primary possibility of getting the right deal done.

How this incantation can happen is by doing some efforts on your own. From setting the genuine price to preparing the staging of the home, fielding and accommodating the offers, and ensuring that everything is running smoothly,

this is your job now. Think if you succeed, you will be able to save a lot of money for yourself. How cool is that? Smart work is the key here to get a profitable sale. 

Process Of Selling Home Without An Agent 

  1. Getting Your Home Prepared

Since you have taken responsibility for home sales, the first step is to make sure that your house is ready for sale.

The first job would be preparing your house for sale before it gets listed on any site. Go for decluttering the space and make sure that the buyer could visualize themselves into your property, rather than seeing indications of your personality there.

Your responsibility is to remove all the things that offer personal home-like family photographs or any family frames. If you can’t remove it, at least hide them in the storage area or closets when a buyer visits the house. You can also hire a rental storage unit to keep your items preserved. 

The next step would be cleaning the space so that it gives a charming look in front of buyers. Get the house professionally cleaned to attract potential buyers. They very well know the difference between a novice and a professional clean-up. 

Once you are done with it, take suggestions from a friend or neighbor having real estate experience that can give you an honest opinion about the refurbished home. There might be some things that you might overlook.

  1. Market Research And Setting The Price

The next step would be running an objective review of your local house market and setting the list price of your home. You will surely have an emotional attachment with your house, but your love for home has no concern with its market value.

Get an idea from the recent sales in your area for the comparable homes which give you an estimate about your home’s worth.

There can be houses with the same infrastructure as yours, look for their sale prices too. The aim is that you don’t suffer any monetary loss. No need to worry about a professional appraisal during this time.

When you are done with thorough market research, the next is to set a list The Medallion Mohali Price that has a clear vision of your aspirations and time horizon. If you aim to make a quick sale due to any immediate reason, price it to get a swift sale. 

  1. Collecting Information & Outlining Your Listing 

Creating a proper home listing requires some important information like, 

Home Data – This includes the home details such as established year, lot size, interior counts, heating and cooling configuration, and parking facility.  Don’t miss any detail in your listing that is important.

Photos – The pictures of your home can make or break your listing. Moreover, no need to hire any professional photographers to get them captured.

You can do this by using a professional camera and do later touch-ups. Buyers highly prefer to look for house pictures while going for their search.

Description – By description, we here mean descriptive information that is being not covered in the listing data with sales to attract buyer’s recognition.

Think of important points related to your property that can draw the sale of your home. The home description should not be more than a hundred words, describing your property well.

  1. Home Advertising

As you have not hired any professional expert who can help in collecting buyers, it becomes your duty to get the property sale advertised on different options.

There are FSBO sites, real estate sites, local classified sites where you can advertise The Medallion Flat Mohali.

You can also post a professional-grade video tour of your home on YouTube. Make sure it covers all the property areas for buyers and you can highlight the one that is in its best condition.

  It is a bit of a complex task but can be worth your time. A professional way to get the potential buyers for your house that can offer the best price!

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