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Which One Is Better – Pharma Marketing Company Or Pharma Manufacturing Company?


Every year so many students pass the degree in Pharmaceuticals with lots of dreams and aspirations only because we all are aware the pharmaceutical industry has been expanding its services thoroughly and earning lots of profits in comparison to other industries,

especially after the covid-19 pandemic. But each student will come across one question in their minds that which is better? Pharma Marketing Company or Pharma franchise company in India? And the decision is crucial because both sectors are performing brilliantly in India.

So in this article, we will comprehend exhaustively the upsides and downsides of both areas. Keep perusing the article to find out about it. 

Points of Differentiation 

The nature of Pharma companies can bring a lot of confusion and a sense of biased thinking as to which sector is better but the difference between both the sectors can be explained thoroughly based on the following parameters. 

  1. Difference in customers 

The Pharma fabricating organization manages the restricted customers that need producing administrations for any therapeutics. They tend to serve limited clients because of the limitations in resources.

Whereas on another hand Pharma marketing companies will work as a promoter with a motive of marketing a product so they will tend to have more number of client bases in comparison to Pharma manufacturing company. 

  • Difference in process 

The significant contrast between the Pharma producing organization and Pharma showcasing organization is its functioning interaction.

The manufacturing process offers production facilities to multiple Pharma companies for different formulations. They all recognize the whole methods for Pharma creation. 

It is a very troublesome and dreary cycle of business having a few offices under one rooftop. The procedure for a Pharma marketing company also differs a lot because of its vast network in comparison to a Pharma manufacturing company.

Here is the best way to choose the Pharma manufacturing company in India: 

– Need to learn about the goodwill and history of the company 

– Get the important and necessary certifications 

– Check the product portfolio 

– Market your products 

– Check the customer service 

And now we will understand in brief about the best way to choose Pharma Marketing Company: 

– Ideas 

– Process 

– Pricing and 

– Experience 

  • The difference in market competition

The competition for Pharma manufacturing companies is less in comparison to marketing companies as many Pharma companies are emerging with different therapeutics, formulations, and strategies.

Here are some strategies marketing companies use to boost their sales in Pharma Franchise Business: 

– They interact more with their customers 

– Constant focus on product packaging 

– Focus on the target market 

– They take help of online marketing through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, etc 

– They keep track of the target market 

– Try to offer a combination of products and services

– And they also expand the business and keep track of the market moves 

So, in this way we can how Pharma manufacturing company and marketing company differs from each other competition-wise. 

  • Difference In certification

Both Pharma marketing company and manufacturing company has a difference in their certification as the manufacturing company needs lower investment in comparison to a marketing company. The certificates needed for Pharma manufacturing company are as below: 

– Wholesale drug license 

– Income tax enlistment 

– Authorization certificate by the government 

And the certificates needed for Pharma marketing companies are as listed:

– Company Registration 

– Drug License number 

– GST Registration 

– FSSAI Registration and 

– Trademark Registration  

Hence, these all these are necessary documents needed for starting a Pharma manufacturing company and Pharma marketing company. 

  • The difference in Profit Margin 

The profit margin in all the companies is always different and noteworthy. Manufacturing companies always earn more profit margins in comparison to marketing companies.

They always facilitate their customers with different production strategies and formulations. Here are some ways to increase profit margin in Pharma marketing company: 

– Analyze your profit margin 

– Increase your prices 

– Review your price 

– Take cash discounts from suppliers 

– Protect profit and stop discounting 

– Focus on innovations while marketing the products  

– Access your existing clients 

With great and perfect inventory management Profit margin can be increased in Pharma marketing company. 


So, at last, we can say that it is not easy to say which stream is better as both have pros and cons but still it also depends on individual preferences.

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Author Bio

Mr. Viral Kotecha is an independent consultant pharmacist from Manipal University. He aims to serve his patients by preparing medications and multidisciplinary health care.

And being a team player he keeps his patients’ wellness and cares on priority. His experience of working with the Pharma Industry is exceptional and it has also helped him too easily navigate new terms and technologies in the Medical sector.

As of now, he contributes his team efforts for accomplishing related results as needed and he also looks forward to planning and fulfills the long-term and short-term goals.

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