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Is WhatsApp Spy the New Normal Thing?


It was moosoo vacuum troubleshooting It’s been a while since he celebrated his birthday with us at home. So I and my teen daughter were excited more than ever. We both decided to bake a cake at home.

It was a lovely day in the kitchen as both of us were cooking and baking and having a good time in the kitchen. She got out for a quick grocery check and that’s when her phone rang. It was on the cabinet in front of me and unconsciously I watched the caller.

Well, my heart skipped a beat. It was the weirdest/vulgar profile pic I have seen in my entire life. Most importantly it was a video call. It kept on ringing and ringing and then got blank. She came back after a while and I was all ready to confront her.

So I asked directly that if he has a boyfriend or is seeing anyone. She laughed at my sudden attack and said why am I curious all of a sudden. I asked again and she casually responded with no.
I then directly asked her about the caller id. She checked her phone right away. Along with a hilarious laugh at my strict yet cute parental instincts, she told me it was nobody as anyone can call you on Whatsapp. Although she did block that contact right away my mind remained stuck in that pervert profile picture the whole day.

The next day my husband felt something was wrong so asked and I told him about the whole incident. For the sake of my satisfaction, he asked me to check about the WhatsApp spy technology and the app I want on the internet.

So after a little help from my friend, we decided to get the OgyMogy for WhatsApp. Honestly, after that weirdo call, I was too much worried about the online safety of my kid.

Why WhatsApp Spy:

It is kareo emr message chat apps. There are tons of kinds and you don’t need to use each one of them. But that does not mean your kid will not. Instead of worrying about these apps or trying to know about each one of them, why not use a spy app facility that will let you know about all the events happening on your teen’s instant messenger chat accounts.

Don’t think of it as surveillance, take it as supervision and guidance your kid needs in the world of technology.

Incoming Call Alert:

You can know about all the incoming call details of your kid’s WhatsApp account. Be it their friends or strangers,

OgyMogy makes it possible for parents to keep a check on the caller id of the instant messenger account. You will know if your kid is receiving any spam calls or someone is trying to play games.

Audio and Video Call Logbook Information:

Get Into Private Chat Box:

With the WhatsApp spy feature, parents can directly get into the private chatbot of the teenager. You can know about what kind of code language your teen usually uses, or if someone is using foul or abusing language with your kid.
Eyes On Group Chats:

Whatsapp allows its users to join any group on the platform just with a link. You may know nothing about other members and their personalities. There is more chance of sharing adult content or triggering stuff in those groups which your kid has joined with strangers.

OgyMogyWhatsApp spy can help you keep a strict eye on those groups and group content so that you can assure a healthy space for your kid both in terms of text messages and media.

Monitor Media Sharing :

Monitor the images, audio files, and video shared through the Whatsapp account of your kid with the WhatsApp spy app. That way you will know about any spam caller or weirdo or anyone trying to disturb the peace of your life.

The other amazing features offered by the OgyMogy spy app include the Instagram spy app, Telegram spy app, Snapchat spy app, and more. You can use the services to keep a check on the android, tablet, or laptop of your teen.

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