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Should I Use a VPN at Home? 5 Reasons to Consider a VPN for Your PC


Are you worried about your security online and don’t know what to do? You’ve heard of VPNs but aren’t sure how they work?

More than 65% of organizations in the world have had at least one cyber attack against them. You’d think a home computer is less of a target, but they’re getting attacked as well.

Are you wondering – should I use a VPN at home? Here are five reasons that will help you see how it might be a brilliant idea.

What Does a VPN Do?

First, what is a VPN? It’s a service that uses encryption software that hides your IP address by using other servers.

A secure VPN makes it more difficult for online observers to trace your internet activity back to your computer, and it also protects your data.

1. Should I Use a VPN at Home to Stream Content?

Not all content is available everywhere. Streaming services limit some content to specific countries or locations. You can use VPNs to access restricted content by masking your location.

Many people use a VPN to watch sports that aren’t available to stream in their location or they might want to view the game from the perspective of another country.

2. Do I Need a VPN to Block My ISP Service?

The provider of your internet services (ISP) can easily see what you’re doing online, which worries some people. If you use a VPN, it makes it hard to track your activity.

If you want data privacy from your service provider, you need to use a VPN whenever you use their services.

3. You Don’t Want to Be the Product

In the US, ISPs are now allowed to sell customer data to third parties. Most companies say they won’t sell information identifying a specific person, but they will still gather and sell information.

The idea of having your ISP take your information and use it for their purposes is frustrating. Your ISP must allow their customers to opt-out, and most of them have a form you can fill out online.

If you use a home VPN, you are preventing them from tracking your online activity for this purpose.

4. You Want Privacy From Your Government

Most service providers say they would never sell or provide your information to the government. The governmental agency requires a warrant to obtain the information.

Some information has ended up in government hands this way. Recently, US government agencies have found ways around the warrant requirement by purchasing customer phone data from third parties who purchased data from your ISP.

5. VPN Security for Working From Home

If you regularly travel for work or work from your home, your employer may require more than a secure internet connection.

A VPN uses data encryption to mask your data, which adds a level of security to your online work. A VPN is a business investment that can help keep your data more secure.

Make an Informed Decision

As an individual, you have the right to protect your privacy online. The answer to your question, should I use a VPN at home, will depend on your preferences and data security needs.

Did you find this article helped you understand the ins and outs of VPN use in your home? Be sure to use our simple search feature to get the latest information. Check out our Web Hosting tab for up-to-date articles.

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