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How to Prepare Your Solar Energy System for Winter Weather

Solar Energy

The Winter season requires more energy for our home since we need more comfort and heat in our home. As solar energy users, we should know what to prepare for and what’s needed to be done in order to have enough energy for the winter season. If you don’t have solar panels yet then find the nearest residential solar panel near New Orleans and find out how to get one. 

Do solar panels produce less energy during the winter months?

In the winter season, the efficiency of your solar panels in collecting energy can be low since there are shorter days and longer nights. This means the energy collected when the sun is up can be lessened, therefore saving solar energy from batteries can be a good way to store energy to cover your home energy needs. 

Should you remove snow from your solar panels?

Any elements that cover the solar panels should be removed to maximize their efficiency, however, make sure that you are using the right tool to do so. If you are not sure about it then contact your solar providers so they can do it for you. The chances of damaging your solars can be higher if you will be doing it on your own. 

What are some ways to make a home winter ready?

Adjust your Solar Panels Angle 

The sun strikes differently during winter seasons which means the present position of your solar panels might not be good enough to capture the sun’s radiant. Making your solar panels steeper can also help in falling easily from your roof. Ask your solar providers for any recommendations on how to make your solar be on the proper angle. 

Adjusting your Energy usage 

Conserving energy usage during winter can help you manage your solar energy usage. There are several ways you can decrease your energy usage such as shifting to energy-efficient light bulbs, lower watts bulbs can be a good idea;

turning off appliances and lights that are not in use can conserve energy; Unplugging appliances that are not in use is also helpful since plugged appliances that are not in use still consumes a small amount of energy;

Lower down your thermostat and keep warm clothes instead since thermostat can consume big amount of energy and lastly check your home insulation and make sure there are no leakage or cracks so you can retain the temperature inside your home. 

Insulate your batteries properly 

Batteries work better when they are in the right temperature, therefore keep your batteries insulated during the winter season to make them work efficiently. If your batteries are outside then keep them insulated or put them indoors to get the proper temperature. 

Monitor your Battery status 

Don’t allow your batteries to be discharged, make sure to monitor the level of your battery so you can do the necessary action needed. Getting a generator as a backup can also be a good idea during winter seasons and they can also come in handy throughout the year. Batteries can store energy that you can use when the sun is not up, so invest in batteries that can be able to store enough energy that your home needs. 

Clear your solar panel from snow

Solar panels should always be clear since their efficiency will be lowered. During the winter season, it is unavoidable to have snow on your solar panel. Make sure to clear them and ask your solar provider to do them for you to avoid any troubles.

Cleaning your panels from any elements should be done as necessary as needed in that way you can maximize the efficiency of your solar panels. 

Be prepared for the winter seasons by following the guidelines given as well as monitoring the performance of your solar panel system so you know if it needs any repair to avoid inconveniences during winter.

Be wise by conserving energy in all the possible ways you can. This can help you have a more convenient winter season as well as lower the cost of your energy consumption. It’s better to be ready than to be sorry, so prepare all the necessary things and enjoy your winter season with your solar energy usage. 

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