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Bailei Knight: The Biography, Age, Parents, Half-Siblings and Boyfriend of the Pregnant

Bailei Knight is an upcoming young rapper who made it hard to miss the news in May 2018 when she revealed that she was pregnant.

Introduction to Bailei Knight

Bailei Knight is a 20-year-old model and actress who has made headlines for her recent pregnancy. Born in China, Bailei moved to the United States when she was a toddler. She started modeling at the age of 15 and has since appeared in campaigns for such brands as Nike, Lululemon, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Bailei also starred in the short film “The Hole” directed by Spike Lee. In October 2017, Bailei announced that she was pregnant with her first child.

Bailei Knight’s Biography

Bailei Knight, a pregnant woman who was reported missing on September 10th, has been found safe and sound. She has since given birth to a healthy baby girl.

Bailei Knight was last seen leaving her home in the city of Los Angeles on September 10th. She was reportedly going to meet someone, but never arrived at the meeting location. Her disappearance sparked concern among her friends and family, who began circulating flyers and posting about her on social media.

On October 12th, Bailei Knight’s family received a call from authorities in China informing them that she had been found safe and sound in Shenzhen, a city in southern China. According to reports, Bailei had traveled there to visit her half-siblings and was not aware that she had been reported missing in the United States.

Bailei Knight is now back home in Los Angeles with her new baby girl. She has since spoken with authorities about what happened leading up to her disappearance and has shared some of the emotional moments she endured while stranded in China without any contact from loved ones.

Bailei Knight’s Parents and Siblings

Bailei Knight is the pregnant girlfriend of professional wrestler Kenny Omega. She and Omega first started dating in May of 2018 and announced their engagement in January of 2019. Knight’s parents are Ken and Elaine Knight. They are both from Canada and have two other children, a son and daughter.

Knight’s siblings are also adults, with one more sister living in Canada. Her brother is also a professional wrestler under the name Rocky Romero. Knight has not released much information about her family or her relationship with them, only releasing a few tweets throughout 2018 and 2019 to confirm that she is indeed pregnant and to announce her engagement to Kenny Omega.

Bailei Knight’s Boyfriend, Birthday, Net worth

Bailei Knight is the girlfriend of Bailei Knight’s Boyfriend, a Chinese professional basketball player who was recently called up to play for the Chinese national team. She is also the mother of a one-year-old son. Bailei Knight was born on November 5, 1995 in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, China. Her parents are both professors. She has two half-siblings and her boyfriend is from Hong Kong.

Bailei Knight studied at Beijing Sport University before transferring to Peking University to pursue a degree in sports management. While attending Peking University, she played for the women’s varsity basketball team and also competed in track and field. Bailei Knight debuted with the Beijing Ducks during the 2017–2018 season and currently plays for their main club, the Liaoning Flying Leopards. As of September 2018, she has an estimated net worth of $1 million.


Bailei Knight is the pregnant woman surrounded by controversy. Bailei, who goes by @baileiknight on Instagram, has been the target of trolls and cyberbullying since she first announced her pregnancy back in March. However, despite the negative attention she’s received, Bailei seems to be doing well – continuing to post pictures of herself and her unborn child on social media. According to reports, Bailei is six months pregnant and her boyfriend is reportedly “thrilled” about the news.

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