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What is a Dependent Position?

Many people may not understand what a “dependent position” is, but it can be defined as any job that requires you to depend on someone else to do the work. If you have strong interpersonal skills, then a dependent position may be right for you.


A dependent position is a job or position in which a person depends on the income of another person or organization to support themselves. This can be a parent who works full-time while their child attends school or an employee whose salary is paid by a company that relies on government funding.

How to use a Dependent Position

In sports, a “dependent position” is a position in which the player is not primarily responsible for creating their own offense or defense. A dependent player typically relies on teammates to create chances or defend opponents. Dependent players can be used in a variety of situations, but are most commonly seen as defensive midfielders and wingers.

A dependent midfielder, such as Andrea Pirlo, usually stays close to their back four while waiting for the ball to be played to them. They then take possession of the ball and try to play forward through the midfield line. A dependant winger, such as Angel Di Maria, typically positions themselves wide on the right or left side of the pitch in order to receive passes from either the midfield or attack.

Examples of Dependent Positions

There are many positions that can be considered “dependent.” Dependent positions include, but are not limited to: analyst, consultant, contractor, intern, apprentice, student, and volunteer. Each of these positions has unique responsibilities and requirements that should be taken into consideration when determining whether or not the position is a dependent position.

An analyst is typically responsible for producing objective reports on a specific topic. As such, they must have strong analytical skills and be able to work independently. An analyst who is also a contractor may be required to work odd hours or travel frequently, which would make taking on additional responsibilities such as billing difficult.

A consultant is typically hired to provide advice on a specific problem or issue. The consultant may be asked to provide input on multiple fronts and may have frequent deadlines. As such, the consultant must have excellent communication skills and be able to juggle multiple tasks at once.

A contractor works for an organization on a temporary basis with the goal of completing a task or project. Contracts typically have strict deadlines and requirements that must be met in order for the contractor to keep their job. As such, contractors must have patience and good time management skills if they hope to remain employed long-term.

An intern is typically a college student who is working in an unrelated field while they continue their education. Interns are often given significant responsibility early in their career journey in order for them to gain experience and learn from experts in the field. Internships can last anywhere from

What All Functions in a Dependent Position?

A dependent position is a job classification that refers to employees who are not in direct managerial or professional positions but who rely upon the management of their organization to fulfill certain essential functions. Dependent employees may be assigned to positions such as clerical workers, receptionists, or secretaries. The duties and responsibilities of a dependent position often include tasks that are not considered core responsibilities of a manager or professional employee.


A dependent position is a chess opening in which one player, called the black king, is vulnerable. Black’s first task is to protect his king from being attacked by white’s bishops and rooks. If a black can protect his king for a certain number of moves, he can gain an advantage in the game.

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