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Router Dropping WiFi Connection? Fix it in 3 Easy Steps!

When you try to connect your router it drops out the WiFi connection. No issue, many users face the same. Break a leg now, as we are up with a lot of Rackspace Extender Setup steps. 

Some Reasons For Poor Connection

It might be caused by inappropriate WIFI settings, outer interference, or network overloading. Out-dated firmware could also be a reason. Let’s first jump to the problems and then to their solutions.

Temporary Faults

Momentarily, the user should switch and keep the router off for 10-15 minutes. After that just clean it patiently. As the long connections may be affecting the WIFI connectivity. Therefore, maintaining a router like this may affect your router a little bit less.

Router Out of The Range

The coverage area of the router is less active.  No WiFi range is transferring. Maybe some sort of network problem must be interfering with the networks for sure. For example, the router might not be getting a proper power supply. 

Many electronic appliances could also be an issue. Because some electronic devices result in transferring the same frequency. Although, it can for sure be a software-related problem.

Check Whether The Router is Optimized.

You must optimize your router to settle down the internet connectivity. The router configuration has expired. Out of the box that is why the internet speed is constantly lacking. The consistent slowdown of the internet may be the cause of the poor connections. You need to perform these methods to reset your router.

  • Sign in with your login credentials to the Rockspace Extender login page.
  • Now, firstly select the Advanced settings.
  • It will navigate you to QoS Setup.
  • Turn the Internet QoS Access on.
  • As a result, press the Apply button and change the settings.

 Verify Internet Speed By doing Speed Test

There are a number of tools these days by which you can easily test the internet speed. You might not be getting what you are exactly paying for. 

  • You don’t need to go for some more internet plans to optimize the speed.
  • Then, research this to that which is best suitable, a free online test or a paying plan.  
  • Therefore once try to differentiate between the plans and the test.
  • As a result, if you would find that 80-90% of the benefits you are getting out of your given plan then I guess there is profit from paying for useless services.

Sometimes the servers you are trying to connect will be having issues like bad network conditions.

Outdated Firmware

Maybe because the firmware of the router is old. and can be a very big  reason that it may be caused by disconnecting the WIFI internet and disbursing the router signals from it. The outdated firmware The software really does not take any time to get repaired. Momentarily, it is not time taking. 

  • To upgrade the Firmware of your Rackspace extender. 
  • First, log in to the extender page by accessing re. Rackspace. local. 
  • Then, enter the IP address and Click on the Administration option. Choose the Firmware Update option and click on “Check for Update”.

Router Settings

Numerous reasons might be the cause of the internet connections. Let’s work on them step by step.

Which are?

  • WIFI Only- Let’s check if the problem is with the router only or if the WIFI is having some problem. Check the whole connection or just the wireless connection of the router. You can simply do that by connecting a cable to your computer or laptop. However, it can tell the connection or the router is the culprit. 
  • Check up the device- Presently, you need to connect with the other device. As it may be possible that the specific device is not connecting to the internet.
  • Device capacity- Update the broadband connection of your internet. Possibly there are some restrictions on the broadband connections that you are trying to connect. This could be the main reason to slow down the internet. 

Upgrade your internet, in the meantime. Just take confirmation from your local service provider that the connectivity issues might not be rising because of the shortage of internet in your area.


We hope that the article you are reading is helpful as many users have resolved their problems by taking the help of these steps. And they all are successful in fixing their internet connection issues. 

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